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Our heritage began back in 1998 selling electric vehicle parts such as Kilovac contactors, LA batteries, IGBTs, throttle pots, motor controllers and high current/voltage disconnects. Pictured to the left is the converted electric S-10 pickup that was used to make local parts deliveries.

It used a Hughes Dolphin Series 3 Phase AC Controller, a Huges 65 H.P. 50 KW A.C. induction motor, an onboard charger, 52 Hawker 12V gell cell batteries and had a top speed of 75 miles per hour and a range of 50-70 Miles.

After providing us with nearly a decade of service, the batteries finally gave out and we never could find the time to replace them. Today our faithful "Elctruk" EV sits in our warehouse waiting to hit the road again with a new set of batteries.

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Our system pricing on our EV solar charging systems is thousands, even tens of thousands less.
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No balloon payments, no annual payment increases and you keep the 30% tax credit and REC credits.
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Our EV solar charging system use the latest, bifacial and monofacial solar modules and high efficiency inverters.
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